Packaging OCRE for Fedora Core

I've made a short investigation on FLOSS OCR systems and decided to give OCRE a chance. So, I've just packaged OCRE for my Fedora Core 4 installation. I've reused a previous spec file but the new one seems to be more complete. The author provides some RPM binary files which seems to be created with the sadly well know alien converter. Without src.rpm we can't rebuild to attend the binary dependencies.

The new files can be downloaded from my RPMS repo or using this links for the binary and the sources, which are supposed to be rebuildable in any FC-like distro.

Maybe you'll discover this are not the last versions of the application but 0.026 and 0.025 doens't compile wondering about an opcionesp.h header.

Maybe in next days I could publish a working version with the help of the author.

PD: You'll find the latest 0.026 version on my repo as usual. I think I could maintain an src.rpm for future versions able to be rebuilded on any FC compatible distro.

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