Instaling acerhk kernel module on RPM systems

Some people seems to need some help about installing the acerhk in their RPM systems. Maybe this note helps you. Please keep in mind I'm using it on a non acer computer so my tips maybe not full apply to you.

You have full sources available:

You only need to do a "rpmbuild --rebuild <package>" to get a binary version for your kernel.

If you want to compile it from the original sources, install src.rpm with "rpm -ivh <package>" and you'll find the pristine sources at /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/.

Of cource be careful of filesystem permisions, maybe you should use the superuser.

I'm really using 0.5.30 version because the 0.5.34 seems to be incompatible with some Redhat patching on the kernel on my installed FC4. Don't know if still applies to FC6.

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