Now I have a web Solid pod

I’ve just created my Solid pod:

Tim Berners-Lee proposes Solid as a way to implement his original vision for the World Wide Web. If timbl says something like this then I’m interested:

Within the Solid ecosystem, you decide where you store your data. Photos you take, comments you write, contacts in your address book, calendar events, how many miles you run each day from your fitness tracker… they’re all stored in your Solid POD. This Solid POD can be in your house or workplace, or with an online Solid POD provider of your choice. Since you own your data, you’re free to move it at any time, without interruption of service.

More details are at

I’ve poked just a bit about what Solid can do. Don’t have many time to do now. It’s nice to check how it’s based on linked data, so the potential applications are infinite. And they have a forum too (running Discourse, ♥).

My IT personal strategy requires to implement my own services as much as I can. Solid has a server implementation available I would like to use somewhere in the future.

Love to see the Semantic Web coming back.

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